Welcome to Med-A-Morphosis

Finally, an EHR application designed specifically for rounding providers.


Our Application

Med-A-Morphosis was designed from the ground up with a focus on providers who see patients in inpatient settings.

Remote Design

Med-A-Morphosis operates in the cloud. Fuss no more with keeping workstation EHR software up to date.

Ease of Use

Med-A-Morphosis is designed to be simple. Providers and support staff are usually trained in hours not days or weeks.


24/7 Support is availiable. We know providers see patients any time of the day. We are here to help.


Lab, billing software interface options are availiable and can be developed to work with many different solutions.

About Us

We saw the void for software that makes sense for inpatient providers and filled it.

Who We Are

Med-A-Morphosis is comprised of software developers, system administrators, and most importantly - from a design stand point - healthcare providers. The core design was created using the input from several actively rounding providers. Some software is built from a developer's perspective and providers are required to make it work. Med-A-Morphosis was created in reverse. Providers first. Developers second.

What We Do

We feel that the needs of providers who see patients in an inpatient setting differ from providers who operate in clinics. The challenges for rounding providers are difficult to meet using EHR software that was built for outpatient settings. We did something about that.

Why Choose Us

We understand that there are several electronic health records software options. Med-A-Morphosis was built from the ground up to meet the needs of providers that round in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living settings. Many practices that focus on the inpatient setting rely on several different solutions in addition to the Clinic-Based EHR. Using several different software tools can be costly and inefficient. Med-A-Morphosis is a singular solution.

Contact Us

Please contact us to see how Med-A-Morphosis can ease your documentation burden.

5920 McIntyre St,
Golden, CO 80403


(720) 485-6180